It could seem impossible, but it isnt. OROMAS is tradition and experience, but also reliability, innovation, quality and competitiveness.


Since 1950, at OROMAS we have been passionately dedicated to producing pastas and to packaging flours and wheat meals.


We began with the modest goal of meeting local demand, structured growth allowed us to successfully expand into external markets and today, our internationalisation has become a reality (affiliate in France OROMAS FRANCE, SASU)... of which we are extremely proud.



The key to this success?
To us it is simple:

  • The meticulous and rigorous selection of all our raw materials.
  • An optimal understanding of the process and the product, with a great deal of accumulated experience.
  • Constant investment in updating production equipment and in the application of the best cutting-edge technologies.
  • A serious obsession with continuous improvement, with product, process and customer service innovation and with the ability to be truly competitive.

With a serious, honest and transparent team of dynamic, enthusiastic and inspired professionals.


Thanks to all this, OROMAS stands out for its enhanced levels of productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. We are considered as one of the best European companies in the sector.


We offer customers maximum quality and the highest safety, at the best price.


We live up to our name!