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Classic pastas

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Classic pastas

At OROMAS we want to let you know about the numerous reasons for including this product in our regular diet. It contains carbohydrates, vitamins E and B and fibre. It is nutritious, filling, economical and easy to prepare. It is extremely healthy and also helps to keep you smiling. Recommended for the whole family!


Within this category we find a broad range of products... from the most everyday pasta for soups (stars, tempestina); to short-cut pasta (vernicelli, macaroni, fussili), served in multiple ways (in soups, salads, with sauces) and lastly, the much admired long-cut pasta (spaghetti, tagliatelle), which can be enjoyed in a thousand different way.

Some if our classic pastas:

Classic pastas Classic pastas Classic pastas Classic pastas

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Spaghetti Spaghettini Tagliatelle