HV Group

HV Group

OROMAS is an important part of a powerful business group: the HARINERA VILAFRANQUINA GROUP (HV GROUP).


With a solid tradition and reputation in the agri-food world, the HV GROUP is the clear leader of the milling sector and the Spanish flours and wheat meals market.


OROMAS proven economic and technical competence is complemented by the financial and technological capacity of the other HV GROUP companies.


OROMAS draws on advantageous synergies. We are one of the key European traders in the purchase and marketing of wheat. We are also the industrial group with the greatest milling capacity and, as a result, the primary producer of flours and wheat meals. .Without a doubt, this is a very important advantage for OROMAS.


HV GROUP in numbers (2012):

  • More than 5,000 clients.
  • A consolidated turnover of 430 million euros.
  • Assets to the value of 384 million euros.
  • 1,400,000 t of products to market.
  • Of these, more than 122,000 t are exported.
  • With 8 production centres distributed around Spain, with a joint transformation capacity of 6,000 t/day; with the ability to produce 3,500 and 650 t/day of flours and of semolina, respectively; and with the capacity to produce more than 420 t/day of the highest quality pastas.

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